My Opinion on Jared Leto’s Joker


There have been many opinions on the Suicide Squad‘s Joker which happens to be Jared Leto. So many opinions have aired, yet Jared didn’t get much screen time during the actual film. To be exact, he only 20-30 minutes in the film. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. The Joker didn’t have to do with anything regarding the Suicide Squad in the comics nor in the film. The closest he was to being involved with the squad was his jester, Harley Quinn. Okay, good we’ve got that out the way so now on to the fun part…judging! The Joker’s main purpose in the movie is to find his beloved sidekick after she had been taken away from him and incarcerated. As we all know, Heath Ledger left really big shoes to fill as Joker and I think Jared filled them amazingly. Jared created his own version of the clown prince of crime instead of trying to mimic Heath’s. Of course both amazing versions were twisted and sick, but they had their own kind of deranged. Again, we didn’t see much of Joker in the movie, but we did catch his laugh in some of the clips. Laughs usually don’t get under my skin when they’re meant to be ‘scary’ or ‘creepy’ but Jared’s certainly did. His menacing laughter could make the hairs on your neck rise up in seconds. My favorite Joker part was in the beginning of Harley Quinn’s introduction where he calls for her and I quote “the infamous Harley Quinn!”. His voice made me think about nothing, but the Joker. Jared’s voice was also, in no way trying to impersonate Heath’s, instead it created another version of Heath Ledger’s original. What had many people talking was Jared’s Joker appearance. As you may have noticed, Joker has metal ‘grills’ on his teeth. This isn’t actually a choice for the character. If you know some backstory about the Joker, you may know he killed Robin. Who was Robin a sidekick to? The famous Batman. He wouldn’t be so happy with the clown after the news now, would he? Exactly. Batman was actually the one to knock out Joker’s teeth and poor Joker had no other option, but to put metal caps on them. Joker’s tattoos were just another way of making Jared’s own representation of his character. I loved the way he portrayed the famous character in the few scenes he had. I hope to see Jared Leto’s Joker again in DC’s upcoming movies.



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