Let’s Talk Justice League

After the release of the famous Suicide Squad you might be asking yourself, what next? Or if you haven’t wondered, i’ll tell you anyways.

What actually is the ‘Justice League’? Plain and simple, the best team assembled aside from Suicide Squad. Okay no, what is it really?

After Superman’s ‘death’, who is left to protect our planet? Batman alone? I don’t think so.  In the trailer that Zack Snyder (the director) brought to us at the San Diego comic-con suggested that Wonder Woman and Batman would be recruiting metahumans, or superhumans for a hero based group who’d protect the planet. Some of the superhumans that we’ve seen so far in the first official trailer are Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman. Am I hallucinating or is the ‘dead’ Superman also in the picture above?  We have not seen him in the trailer yet, but we hope the upcoming teasers clarify everything. But come on, the ending of Batman v. Superman made us know that was coming.

There are still many questions that remain for this upcoming movie. One thing that is confirmed is that the movie will be available in theaters November 17th , 2017. Long wait, I know right. It has also been confirmed that we’ll be seeing Deathstroke in Justice League. It is not clear on who will be playing the dark force in the movie, but my best bet is on Deathstroke. I mean c’mon, the guy’s a killing machine. Let’s not forget that he has beat the Dark Knight in hand-to-hand combats many times.

The fact that Justice League would have two parts shocked me a little to be quite honest. It was said that the first part would be a stand alone movie and it would not be a continued story. Justice League part two would have it’s own plot and story line. What will it be? That is also a mystery as if now.


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