Have we been ripped off…again? 

After watching Suicide Squad fans were left wanting more or the Joker and Harley Quinn. We all just plain and simple, wanted more. Jared Leto (Joker) even admitted in one of his interviews that there was a lot cut out from the movie. Especially his scenes. 

What was the “solution” ?

WB (Warner Bros) made a promising ad for the extended scenes only a couple weeks ago. All the fans got hyped over the fact that we’d be seeing more Joker and Harley. Even more of the crew. Or so we thought. The advertisements were everywhere from televisions to Facebook and Instagram. WB even had me screaming every time an ad for the scenes came on. They had all the squad’s fans bought. 

What was what we actually got? 

Ya wanna know what we got? Two extra minutes of Joker. That’s it. Two minutes after Jared Leto claimed to have shot enough scenes to make his own movie. There were only about eight small extensions to the already seen before scenes. 

My opinion on all this.

Rip off. That’s what I think. I bought the movie on ITunes for $19.99 and honestly I regret it. Sure there are some behind the scenes and special features, but what we all wanted were the extended scenes of Joker trying to find his jester, Harley Quinn. I am not the only one who believes this, trust me. Almost everyone claimed to be ripped off by WB once again. By again I mean when they used deleted scenes in the trailer and not once showed those in the movie nor in the “extended scenes”. And yeah I get it…WB needs to make money but that was cruel. Especially to all the Joker and Harley Quinn lovers. David Ayer (director) make sure to revise what you’re about to publish to the eager audience. 

All I can wish for now is for the Harley Quinn spin off to be a success. Sorry to those DC fans who were disappointed by this. Better luck next time DC universe. 



5 thoughts on “Have we been ripped off…again? 

  1. julia says:

    I was also super disappointed when the movie didn’t feature a lot of the Joker, and to hear that even the extended cut excluded a lot of the character is an even bigger let down 😦


  2. top10nation says:

    Yeah I feel everyone got ripped off too. All the trailers were filled with The Joker and we got about two to four minutes with this “extended cut”. He was like the star of the film next to Harley and he only got like three minutes. This movie could’ve have been a great movie if there was just more time with the characters like Joker and Harley.

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