What Psychopath Are You?

These are some of my favorite psychopaths. Sounds crazy, but I’m sure you’d love them if you got to know their twisted minds. I can promise you you’d find at least one thing in common with these three, Harley Quinn, Jerome, and Barbara Kean. Pay close attention to their profiles in the following paragraphs because I will be asking you to vote on who you can relate to (at least a lil’).

Harley Quinn: Harley wasn’t always crazy. She was a college scholar and had become a psychiatrist. Her real name was Harleen Quinzel but The Joker nicknamed her Harley Quinn. Joker drove her insane but not with just a couple words or actions. Harleen was Joker’s psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum. She thought she could kill his demons, but that was a big mistake. Joker knew Harleen wanted to fix him and he used that against her. Joker said everything he knew Harleen wanted to hear and by doing this he seduced her. Harleen was completely and madly in love. She’d do anything and everything for the man, or more like clown, she loved. Even go insane.

Jerome Valeska:  Jerome was raised alone by his mother. His father was a sea captain and supposedly died at sea. His mother wasn’t the best…not at all. He used to beat him when she was drunk and sometimes her many lovers would join in on beating the poor child. One day Jerome decided he had had enough. What did he do might you ask. He killed his mother with a hatch in cold blood. For that, he was labeled psychotic. Do you think that was fair?

Barbara Kean: Barbara was the fiance of Jim Gordon, a famous cop in Gotham City. She left him after she was kidnapped by one of the men who her husband was pursuing. Barbara decided the cop’s life was just too much to handle. Barbara was kidnapped once again by a serial killer who was obsessed with finding the perfect wife. Whenever he didn’t like something about the girl he decided to date he’d kill her rather than just break up with her. What a way to end things am I right? The serial killer also drove her insane. He made her kill her parents with a knife and she did. That was enough for Barbara to click. She wanted power and insanity gave that to her.

Who can you relate to?


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