Wonder Woman Is About To Be Lit

wonderwoman1280-1459260425225_large             I’m sure all of you recognize this women up above, it’s…WONDER WOMAN! 

DC will be giving her, her own movie this upcoming year of 2017 on June 2nd. The story line will include her life before she was Wonder Woman. Before she was Wonder Woman she was the Amazon princess in training to become an invincible warrior.

What Do I Think About This Upcoming Movie?

I’m extremely excited to see this film on its release date. In the movie, Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman played an empowering role. She symbolized women’s strength and power.I can’t imagine what her film will be like.

Since there aren’t many female superheros or even villains, I get really happy when I see one of them getting their own movies. This movie will give us a better understanding of who Wonder Woman  is, especially to those who haven’t read the comic books. It’ll also give women empowerment. Little things like films make a great impact in the feminine movement and that just amazes me.

A Little Background On WW

Wonder Woman’s real name is Diana Prince. In her homeland she is known as Princess Diana of Themyscira. Diana Prince is smart, beautiful, powerful, and brave. She is the full package. She is a very famous feminist icon since 1941. Can you believe that? And to those saying ‘ugh another feminist icon.’ She is not just fighting for women, but for everyone. She fights for a nation and for its little humanity that it has left, even though she sometimes doesn’t understand what humanity is all about. She believes in the human race. She believes we can do great things. Wonder Woman even left her homeland where she lived in peace to live with us in this corrupted nation.

So what do you think this film will be like or expect it to be like?


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