Harley and Joker, Toxic Relationship?


حب = Love (hubb)


Love is a strong word.

These two individuals above have been said to love each other in their own way, but how is this even close to…love? When you love someone you’d do anything and everything to protect them. You’d never even think about hurting them even though at times you may. Loving someone is when you could see the light in someone who may only seem to bring darkness. Loving someone is being able to dance with their demons and calm them. No intentional hurt, no permanent scars, and no inconsolable pain.

Harley Quinn and Joker met in unusual circumstances at an asylum where Harley worked. Their relationship started off with lies and manipulation. Joker lied to Harley, his therapist at the time, in order to get her pity and sympathy. In other words Joker just needed Harley to get him out of the asylum, but Harley was falling for the clown fast and hard.

Joker slowly began to “fall” for the blonde and before you could say “Harley Quinn”, the two were a psychotic pair. There was no honeymoon stage for these two. Joker wanted Harley to do as he said with none of the mushy gushy love stuff. But, Harley couldn’t help it. She loved him…a little too much. Or was this obsession?

Was Harley obsessed with the Joker or was she really in love with the clown?

The Joker, as some of you may know, is ruthless. He’s a clown, but there’s nothing funny about him. The Clown Prince of Crime is protective over his Harley at times, but at other times he couldn’t care less. He’s even tried killing her. But he’s also killed FOR her. Whenever Harley attempts to show affection he yells at her that he is not a person that is meant to be loved. Harley of course discards his words.

What do you think? Do you think Harley is obsessed with Joker? Do you think Joker is just using Harley or are these two really in love? In their own way of course.


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