My Many Fandoms

Let’s take our focus off DC universe for this one post to talk about all of the fandoms I’m currently in and involved with.

Divelargergent: I’m absolutely in love with the Divergent trilogy written by Veronica Roth. In these stories, being different is seen as dangerous. The meaning just speaks to many people, including me, in a way that hurts. Why? Society, as we all know, has set many standards for young people and even adults -standards that are sometimes nearly impossible to achieve. In a way, we live in a world where it’s seen as forbidden or strange to be different from everybody else. Best fandom ever.

The Hunger Games: One of the number one reasons I joined this fandom is because every single time I read one of the books I tend to feel an adrenaline rush. All of the series’ books contain sacrifice, suspense, and events that’ll leave you with your mouth open. Katniss Everdeen gave me the perfect impression of female empowerment during the novels. She risked it all just to save her sister; she took her sister’s place in the games where only one, the winner, would survive. Ordinary women are doing this everyday, sacrificing everything for their child, family member, and loved ones. She also demonstrated that women are capable of being powerful and strong even through the hardest of times. This is a fandom I am proud to take part in.

The Twilight Saga: There are many people with mixed emotions about the movies/books in this series, but what can I say? I love it all. This was actually the first fandom I ever joined, it fascinated me. The world of vampires and werewolves was a big part of my childhood ever since I read the first novel, “Twilight”. Every time I picked up one of the books it felt as if I was in another universe where immortals existed. The love story, more like love triangle, between Edward, Bella, and Jacob is bizarre, but that’s what drew me in. Even though the Twilight era is gone there are still many fans, like me, who reread the novels and re-watch the movies.


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