Reasons On Why I Give Suicide Squad A 9/10

I know, I know, many DC fans are going to hate me after this, but oh well. Freedom of speech right? When I first saw Suicide Squad my initial reaction was ¨WOW I LOVE IT!¨ and trust me, I still love the famous DC movie, but something made me second guess my 10/10 rating.

Joker and Harley made me second guess myself and my opinion. NOT HATING ON THE ACTORS! I adore Margot Robbie and Jared Leto; their acting was right on point throughout the whole movie. But the way that their relationship was set up to look like gives me the chills.

Lets take it back for a moment before I get screamed at by fans. If you haven´t read the Harley and Joker comic books or even seen the cartoons you won´t know what i´m talking about, but if you have you´ll get where I´m coming from. There have been instances where Joker has shown extreme domestic abuse towards Harley Quinn and vice versa.

In one of the many famous comic books The Joker traps Harley in a rocket ship which is about to launch in order to get her away from him. Shows he really loves the girl. *sarcasm* Which reminds me, he has also shackled Harley in a basement with skulls of his previous victims. While being tied up Joker repeatedly reminds her that she could easily be replaced by any other stupid blonde; how affectionate. But he´s also done some romantic things like send her flowers…armed with dynamite.

All of these instances suggest tremendous abuse, but yet Harley stays alongside the clown. To me it seems as if she has a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome. joker-harley-others

What makes shivers run through my body is that the director of Suicide Squad actually choose to romanticize the relationship. On some of the deleted and extended scenes it clearly shows the abuse going on, not too much though, but in theaters it all seemed as if they were two happy serial killers.

When I went to the movie theater I saw many twelve year old kids and who can blame them? It was a DC movie. I also saw many girls who seemed to enjoy the movie and ¨awwww¨ whenever Joker and Harley were in the same scene. Yes, I admit that I was guilty of the same thing, but when I got home I remembered everything I had read.

Why was it wrong to romanticize the relationship? Kids who have no knowledge of what domestic violence is or how it´s wrong could have seen this movie and seen the toxic relationship as perfect and cute. What happens when they read a comic book that contains the graphic violence? Will they still idolize Joker and Harley? Will they overlook this issue and see it as ´cute´ or ´true love´?


4 thoughts on “Reasons On Why I Give Suicide Squad A 9/10

  1. thefewtheproudandtheemotional says:

    Ah, yes. This is such a huge problem for me too! I hate how it was made to seem like their abusive relationship was “legit, 100% true love” and “#relationshipgoals” It’s not really setting a good example for young girls out there and it’s not really telling it how it is. It’s kind of sick, to be honest.


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