Controversial Topic

Giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement; that’s what this is. For today I’ll be the devil’s advocate.

                                       police-brutalityThey Don’t Look at Your Color Before They Shoot


      Police brutality is a widespread issue. In times of routine traffic stops police officers take advantage of the power they have and harm civilians while claiming to “follow protocol”. There have been many officials beating or even killing some of the people they arrest. Although many believe police brutality is based on race, I believe it’s a matter of class.

In 2015 a line graph released by the U.S. Census Bureau showed that 24.1% of black people were living in poverty by that year. 21.4 percent of Hispanics were also living in poverty. A large part of both racial groups live in poverty meaning they’re on the low end of the class spectrum. Police officers target these poor civilians because they know about their economic state. The brutal police officers know that the less fortunate have a limited amount of money which results in a limited amount of power. It’s a police officer’s word against a citizen who lives in the projects.

   What happens to those who are homeless? More specifically, what happens to the children who don’t have a home? These kids are called “street children” because they literally live on the streets. Most of these kids have been abandoned by their families and others have run away from a corrupt home.  ¨ Unfortunately, police brutality and corruption is common worldwide, and is especially widespread in developing countries with large populations of street children,¨ says Berezina, Evgenia in “Street Children Are Often Victims of Police Brutality.” These kids are being targeted because they are absolutely defenseless.  

   Going up against a police officer can be challenging. The officer’s words are considered truth. That is unless footage of the incident is presented. Don’t get the wrong idea when I say that televising these fatal events cause more harm than good. The footage is necessary and the public needs to be informed, but the video or picture should be kept within court walls. News channels are airing new police brutality videos; some even appear on social media. But the videos aren’t necessarily new, but new angles of an incident that happened months ago. Not only is this causing unnecessary chaos, but watching these videos is disrespectful to the dead and for the family it´s painful.

  I am not saying that there isn’t racism in the world, Racism isn’t the core of the issue which is police brutality. Daniel Shaver was playfully waving a pellet gun out of a hotel window. A police officer detained him, and despite Shaver calmly following all of his demands shot him dead. Daniel Shaver was a white man.

       Police brutality must be stopped, now. This is why we must accept one another and our beautiful differences. We have to protect each other in order to disarm the officers who take advantage of their power. Oh, and how can I forget? Police officers need consequences! Whatever they say in front of a judge is considered the law. If there is no proof the judge is forced to see his statement as true, even if he doesn’t believe a word they are saying.

      I care about this problem because I am fully against police brutality and to come up with a solution, one must know the core of the problem. You as a reader should care about this issue because it is one that is spreading worldwide and one that kills innocent people.Will we protect each other? Will this terminate police brutality?






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