Controversial Topic

Giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement; that’s what this is. For today I’ll be the devil’s advocate.

                                       police-brutalityThey Don’t Look at Your Color Before They Shoot


      Police brutality is a widespread issue. In times of routine traffic stops police officers take advantage of the power they have and harm civilians while claiming to “follow protocol”. There have been many officials beating or even killing some of the people they arrest. Although many believe police brutality is based on race, I believe it’s a matter of class.

In 2015 a line graph released by the U.S. Census Bureau showed that 24.1% of black people were living in poverty by that year. 21.4 percent of Hispanics were also living in poverty. A large part of both racial groups live in poverty meaning they’re on the low end of the class spectrum. Police officers target these poor civilians because they know about their economic state. The brutal police officers know that the less fortunate have a limited amount of money which results in a limited amount of power. It’s a police officer’s word against a citizen who lives in the projects.

   What happens to those who are homeless? More specifically, what happens to the children who don’t have a home? These kids are called “street children” because they literally live on the streets. Most of these kids have been abandoned by their families and others have run away from a corrupt home.  ¨ Unfortunately, police brutality and corruption is common worldwide, and is especially widespread in developing countries with large populations of street children,¨ says Berezina, Evgenia in “Street Children Are Often Victims of Police Brutality.” These kids are being targeted because they are absolutely defenseless.  

   Going up against a police officer can be challenging. The officer’s words are considered truth. That is unless footage of the incident is presented. Don’t get the wrong idea when I say that televising these fatal events cause more harm than good. The footage is necessary and the public needs to be informed, but the video or picture should be kept within court walls. News channels are airing new police brutality videos; some even appear on social media. But the videos aren’t necessarily new, but new angles of an incident that happened months ago. Not only is this causing unnecessary chaos, but watching these videos is disrespectful to the dead and for the family it´s painful.

  I am not saying that there isn’t racism in the world, Racism isn’t the core of the issue which is police brutality. Daniel Shaver was playfully waving a pellet gun out of a hotel window. A police officer detained him, and despite Shaver calmly following all of his demands shot him dead. Daniel Shaver was a white man.

       Police brutality must be stopped, now. This is why we must accept one another and our beautiful differences. We have to protect each other in order to disarm the officers who take advantage of their power. Oh, and how can I forget? Police officers need consequences! Whatever they say in front of a judge is considered the law. If there is no proof the judge is forced to see his statement as true, even if he doesn’t believe a word they are saying.

      I care about this problem because I am fully against police brutality and to come up with a solution, one must know the core of the problem. You as a reader should care about this issue because it is one that is spreading worldwide and one that kills innocent people.Will we protect each other? Will this terminate police brutality?






Vlog Time

If there is something I love more than DC it’s makeup. I started to use makeup in 6th grade. Young right? One day I was just scrolling down Youtube’s trending list and saw a makeup tutorial. I fell in love with the way her skin looked after applying bb cream. And there you go, my first makeup product, bb cream. I began to experiment with foundation and mascara. Yes, I failed a couple times, but learning from my errors made me somewhat good at drawing on my face. I want to make some things clear for many people out there





So, enjoy my vlog where I’ll be showing you where I doodle on my face.


13 Reasons Why It Was Needed


Once again, let’s step away from the DC world, just for a moment, and discuss this amazing and well thought out show. 13 Reasons Why is one of Netflix’s most popular show at the moment. This show is an adaptation of the book 13 Reasons Why written by Jay Asher.

The show allows viewers to get to know Hannah Baker, one of the main characters, and how her life ended. This high school student didn’t die due to natural causes nor a weapon; this girl took her own life. There were 13 reasons that caused her to believe that life was accidently given to her and that she didn’t deserve another day on earth. These 13 reasons were left on recordings that she recorded herself. 13 people, that’s right, her reasons were her fellow peers.

“Hey, it’s Hannah, Hannah Baker, don’t adjust your, whatever device you’re hearing this on. It’s me, live and in stereo. No return engagements, no encore, and this time absolutely no requests. Get a snack. Settle in. Because I’m about to tell you the story of my life, more specifically, why my life ended.”

Here is why this show needs to be seen by many:

  1. Suicide is a REAL thing. So many people shy away from this topic which leads us not to check on our friends and family who might be considering that option; the option to end their life.
  2. Words hurt. ” sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” is a stupid and false saying. 13 Reasons Why shows us what words can do to a person, in this case, it’s shown in Hannah’s suicide.
  3. We can prevent it. Clay, one of Hannah’s friends, realizes he could’ve done so much more to save his friend. His late realizations give us tips on how to prevent tragedies like Hannah’s to happen.
  4. The show is relatable. We may be going through a tough stage in our lives where we may not know our worth. This show makes us realize that there are people who love us, even if we don’t feel like they do at times. There is always someone willing to hear us out.
  5. We need society to change and 13 Reasons Why gives us a great visual of what is wrong with the way society runs things.
  6. No war in anger was ever won. In the show, we see someone in Hannah’s life lash out at her in a moment of anger. This is another thing that pushes her over the edge, his words. Our mouth is a gun and our words are as hurtful as a copper bullet.
  7. This show can save a life. It can give a victim of bullying and/or sexual assault the courage to say something.
  8. It makes us recall all the times we did something cruel or said something mean to someone; it makes us regret it all.
  9. 13 Reasons Why makes us think about the signs of suicide or depression and makes us analyze everyone we speak to. This is a good thing.
  10. There is no sugarcoating in Hannah’s suicide. We see the raw truth and feel the painful emotions because that’s what suicide is; it’s painful for both their loved ones and them.
  11. It shows that simple acts of kindness can save someone. It can be just a simple smile or a compliment.
  12. The show makes us see how important being kind to each other is.
  13. 13 Reasons Why demonstrates to us how a smiling person could be screaming on the inside for help.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Call 1-800-273-8255

Reasons On Why I Give Suicide Squad A 9/10

I know, I know, many DC fans are going to hate me after this, but oh well. Freedom of speech right? When I first saw Suicide Squad my initial reaction was ¨WOW I LOVE IT!¨ and trust me, I still love the famous DC movie, but something made me second guess my 10/10 rating.

Joker and Harley made me second guess myself and my opinion. NOT HATING ON THE ACTORS! I adore Margot Robbie and Jared Leto; their acting was right on point throughout the whole movie. But the way that their relationship was set up to look like gives me the chills.

Lets take it back for a moment before I get screamed at by fans. If you haven´t read the Harley and Joker comic books or even seen the cartoons you won´t know what i´m talking about, but if you have you´ll get where I´m coming from. There have been instances where Joker has shown extreme domestic abuse towards Harley Quinn and vice versa.

In one of the many famous comic books The Joker traps Harley in a rocket ship which is about to launch in order to get her away from him. Shows he really loves the girl. *sarcasm* Which reminds me, he has also shackled Harley in a basement with skulls of his previous victims. While being tied up Joker repeatedly reminds her that she could easily be replaced by any other stupid blonde; how affectionate. But he´s also done some romantic things like send her flowers…armed with dynamite.

All of these instances suggest tremendous abuse, but yet Harley stays alongside the clown. To me it seems as if she has a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome. joker-harley-others

What makes shivers run through my body is that the director of Suicide Squad actually choose to romanticize the relationship. On some of the deleted and extended scenes it clearly shows the abuse going on, not too much though, but in theaters it all seemed as if they were two happy serial killers.

When I went to the movie theater I saw many twelve year old kids and who can blame them? It was a DC movie. I also saw many girls who seemed to enjoy the movie and ¨awwww¨ whenever Joker and Harley were in the same scene. Yes, I admit that I was guilty of the same thing, but when I got home I remembered everything I had read.

Why was it wrong to romanticize the relationship? Kids who have no knowledge of what domestic violence is or how it´s wrong could have seen this movie and seen the toxic relationship as perfect and cute. What happens when they read a comic book that contains the graphic violence? Will they still idolize Joker and Harley? Will they overlook this issue and see it as ´cute´ or ´true love´?

Gotham City

Gotham City is a fictional city in DC universe. It is one of the most well known fictional cities because Batman identifies it as his home. The city is located in the Northeastern United States. The comics seem to place Gotham in New Jersey. Although the city may resemble New York its unique and distinct features come from Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and New York City.

Have you ever wondered why Gotham has Batman as it’s hero or question why there is a hero at all? It’s full of corruption, drug dealers, and violence. Much like the real world right? Only we don’t have a superhero like Gotham does.

Well, actually, they don’t have just “bad guy”, but actual mentally ill villains. Examples? Riddler, The Joker, Mister Frost…the list could go on.

All of these villains commit crimes related to robbery, kidnapping, and even murder.

Gotham is filled with alleyways which ironically is where all the crime fighting goes down most of the time.

Image result for gotham alleyways

Exhibit A

Image result for batman and deadshot suicide squad

Exhibit B

It all goes down in the alleyways.

The city is always seen as gloomy and cloudy. There are rarely scenes in movies or even comics where Gotham is seen as bright and happy.

The Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) isn’t one of the best departments. Some officers like Jim Gordon are still good cops, but almost half are corrupted. By corrupted I mean that they give certified info to the criminal with the highest bid.

By all this we can sense that Gotham isn’t one of the safest fictional cities right? Right.

Image result for gotham city


The bat signal is shown in the picture above. It is popular in the city because…well you guessed it. It’s famous and popular because of Batman. Whenever there is a need for Batman (which is almost everyday) the bat signal is shone at night. The signal can only be seen at night which is why Batman only fights crime after sundown. And why he’s called the Dark Knight.

It basically all adds up together.

That’s Gotham City for you boys and girls.

My Many Fandoms

Let’s take our focus off DC universe for this one post to talk about all of the fandoms I’m currently in and involved with.

Divelargergent: I’m absolutely in love with the Divergent trilogy written by Veronica Roth. In these stories, being different is seen as dangerous. The meaning just speaks to many people, including me, in a way that hurts. Why? Society, as we all know, has set many standards for young people and even adults -standards that are sometimes nearly impossible to achieve. In a way, we live in a world where it’s seen as forbidden or strange to be different from everybody else. Best fandom ever.

The Hunger Games: One of the number one reasons I joined this fandom is because every single time I read one of the books I tend to feel an adrenaline rush. All of the series’ books contain sacrifice, suspense, and events that’ll leave you with your mouth open. Katniss Everdeen gave me the perfect impression of female empowerment during the novels. She risked it all just to save her sister; she took her sister’s place in the games where only one, the winner, would survive. Ordinary women are doing this everyday, sacrificing everything for their child, family member, and loved ones. She also demonstrated that women are capable of being powerful and strong even through the hardest of times. This is a fandom I am proud to take part in.

The Twilight Saga: There are many people with mixed emotions about the movies/books in this series, but what can I say? I love it all. This was actually the first fandom I ever joined, it fascinated me. The world of vampires and werewolves was a big part of my childhood ever since I read the first novel, “Twilight”. Every time I picked up one of the books it felt as if I was in another universe where immortals existed. The love story, more like love triangle, between Edward, Bella, and Jacob is bizarre, but that’s what drew me in. Even though the Twilight era is gone there are still many fans, like me, who reread the novels and re-watch the movies.

Harley and Joker, Toxic Relationship?


حب = Love (hubb)


Love is a strong word.

These two individuals above have been said to love each other in their own way, but how is this even close to…love? When you love someone you’d do anything and everything to protect them. You’d never even think about hurting them even though at times you may. Loving someone is when you could see the light in someone who may only seem to bring darkness. Loving someone is being able to dance with their demons and calm them. No intentional hurt, no permanent scars, and no inconsolable pain.

Harley Quinn and Joker met in unusual circumstances at an asylum where Harley worked. Their relationship started off with lies and manipulation. Joker lied to Harley, his therapist at the time, in order to get her pity and sympathy. In other words Joker just needed Harley to get him out of the asylum, but Harley was falling for the clown fast and hard.

Joker slowly began to “fall” for the blonde and before you could say “Harley Quinn”, the two were a psychotic pair. There was no honeymoon stage for these two. Joker wanted Harley to do as he said with none of the mushy gushy love stuff. But, Harley couldn’t help it. She loved him…a little too much. Or was this obsession?

Was Harley obsessed with the Joker or was she really in love with the clown?

The Joker, as some of you may know, is ruthless. He’s a clown, but there’s nothing funny about him. The Clown Prince of Crime is protective over his Harley at times, but at other times he couldn’t care less. He’s even tried killing her. But he’s also killed FOR her. Whenever Harley attempts to show affection he yells at her that he is not a person that is meant to be loved. Harley of course discards his words.

What do you think? Do you think Harley is obsessed with Joker? Do you think Joker is just using Harley or are these two really in love? In their own way of course.

Wonder Woman Is About To Be Lit

wonderwoman1280-1459260425225_large             I’m sure all of you recognize this women up above, it’s…WONDER WOMAN! 

DC will be giving her, her own movie this upcoming year of 2017 on June 2nd. The story line will include her life before she was Wonder Woman. Before she was Wonder Woman she was the Amazon princess in training to become an invincible warrior.

What Do I Think About This Upcoming Movie?

I’m extremely excited to see this film on its release date. In the movie, Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman played an empowering role. She symbolized women’s strength and power.I can’t imagine what her film will be like.

Since there aren’t many female superheros or even villains, I get really happy when I see one of them getting their own movies. This movie will give us a better understanding of who Wonder Woman  is, especially to those who haven’t read the comic books. It’ll also give women empowerment. Little things like films make a great impact in the feminine movement and that just amazes me.

A Little Background On WW

Wonder Woman’s real name is Diana Prince. In her homeland she is known as Princess Diana of Themyscira. Diana Prince is smart, beautiful, powerful, and brave. She is the full package. She is a very famous feminist icon since 1941. Can you believe that? And to those saying ‘ugh another feminist icon.’ She is not just fighting for women, but for everyone. She fights for a nation and for its little humanity that it has left, even though she sometimes doesn’t understand what humanity is all about. She believes in the human race. She believes we can do great things. Wonder Woman even left her homeland where she lived in peace to live with us in this corrupted nation.

So what do you think this film will be like or expect it to be like?

What Psychopath Are You?

These are some of my favorite psychopaths. Sounds crazy, but I’m sure you’d love them if you got to know their twisted minds. I can promise you you’d find at least one thing in common with these three, Harley Quinn, Jerome, and Barbara Kean. Pay close attention to their profiles in the following paragraphs because I will be asking you to vote on who you can relate to (at least a lil’).

Harley Quinn: Harley wasn’t always crazy. She was a college scholar and had become a psychiatrist. Her real name was Harleen Quinzel but The Joker nicknamed her Harley Quinn. Joker drove her insane but not with just a couple words or actions. Harleen was Joker’s psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum. She thought she could kill his demons, but that was a big mistake. Joker knew Harleen wanted to fix him and he used that against her. Joker said everything he knew Harleen wanted to hear and by doing this he seduced her. Harleen was completely and madly in love. She’d do anything and everything for the man, or more like clown, she loved. Even go insane.

Jerome Valeska:  Jerome was raised alone by his mother. His father was a sea captain and supposedly died at sea. His mother wasn’t the best…not at all. He used to beat him when she was drunk and sometimes her many lovers would join in on beating the poor child. One day Jerome decided he had had enough. What did he do might you ask. He killed his mother with a hatch in cold blood. For that, he was labeled psychotic. Do you think that was fair?

Barbara Kean: Barbara was the fiance of Jim Gordon, a famous cop in Gotham City. She left him after she was kidnapped by one of the men who her husband was pursuing. Barbara decided the cop’s life was just too much to handle. Barbara was kidnapped once again by a serial killer who was obsessed with finding the perfect wife. Whenever he didn’t like something about the girl he decided to date he’d kill her rather than just break up with her. What a way to end things am I right? The serial killer also drove her insane. He made her kill her parents with a knife and she did. That was enough for Barbara to click. She wanted power and insanity gave that to her.

Who can you relate to?

Have we been ripped off…again? 

After watching Suicide Squad fans were left wanting more or the Joker and Harley Quinn. We all just plain and simple, wanted more. Jared Leto (Joker) even admitted in one of his interviews that there was a lot cut out from the movie. Especially his scenes. 

What was the “solution” ?

WB (Warner Bros) made a promising ad for the extended scenes only a couple weeks ago. All the fans got hyped over the fact that we’d be seeing more Joker and Harley. Even more of the crew. Or so we thought. The advertisements were everywhere from televisions to Facebook and Instagram. WB even had me screaming every time an ad for the scenes came on. They had all the squad’s fans bought. 

What was what we actually got? 

Ya wanna know what we got? Two extra minutes of Joker. That’s it. Two minutes after Jared Leto claimed to have shot enough scenes to make his own movie. There were only about eight small extensions to the already seen before scenes. 

My opinion on all this.

Rip off. That’s what I think. I bought the movie on ITunes for $19.99 and honestly I regret it. Sure there are some behind the scenes and special features, but what we all wanted were the extended scenes of Joker trying to find his jester, Harley Quinn. I am not the only one who believes this, trust me. Almost everyone claimed to be ripped off by WB once again. By again I mean when they used deleted scenes in the trailer and not once showed those in the movie nor in the “extended scenes”. And yeah I get it…WB needs to make money but that was cruel. Especially to all the Joker and Harley Quinn lovers. David Ayer (director) make sure to revise what you’re about to publish to the eager audience. 

All I can wish for now is for the Harley Quinn spin off to be a success. Sorry to those DC fans who were disappointed by this. Better luck next time DC universe.